Information About Being a Research Participant

At RED C we take your privacy and data protection very seriously.

We constantly update our policies based on the latest European legislation. We comply with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998 and 2003, and act in accordance with

a) the UK Market Research Society Code of Conduct which can be found at and

b) the ESOMAR code of conduct

The most up to date Privacy Policy can be downloaded  by clicking on the following link REDC Privacy Policy 2015

The most up to date Data Protection Policy can be downloaded by clicking on the following link RED C Data Protection Policy 2015

Beware of Scams

RED C will never ask you for credit card details on any surveys we send you, for any client we work with.  Nor should any professional market research company. Please be vigilant when you complete surveys, particularly those sent to you online.

Some tips to keep you safe

  1. Never provide credit card details
  2. Check the email of the person who sent you the survey is from either the research company or the brand.
  3. Check the web address for any online survey to make sure it matches the research company or client that sent you the survey

If you are ever in doubt about the source of a research survey, check with the company that it is legitimate before you complete it.