RED C Direct



Do you want to test how well your advert works, quickly and cost effectively?


The RED C Direct platform allows you to run your own expertly designed advertising research tests, verified by RED C quality implementation and norms, cost effectively and quickly.



Building on years of communications testing experience and rigorous analysis, RED C devised RED STAR (Structured Test of Advertising Response) to measure and evaluate brand communication.

The benefits of using the RED C Direct platform to test your campaign include

  • Quality sampling and data collection you can trust
  • Expert survey design to ensure you ask the right questions
  • Clear and easy to interpret automated reporting
  • Cost effective with results provided at speed


Watch this video to learn more about how RED Star measures advertising effectiveness, and a clear demo of how to use the RED C Direct websiet to est your won adverts today.



Go to to set up and launch your own ad test today, with results on average in just 24 hours.