Latest Paddy Power/ Red C poll – Jan 2012

Despite negative media surrounding both the household charge and the tax claims against pensioners, the two government parties come out of today’s poll in relatively good positions.  Both Fine Gael and Labour improve their share of the first preference vote slightly, when compared to a similar poll conducted just before the Budget in Dec.

At the same time 26% of those aware they are liable for the new household charge, claim they wont pay it.  Those who are more likely to claim they will not pay appear to be in younger age groups, and to be living in Leinster outside of Dublin.

However a large proportion, 24% of the population are currently not aware if they are liable or not, with younger voters and those living in Connaught and Ulster least likely to know.

(Clarification – It was brought to our attention that we had originally suggested that the Socialist party was on 6% in Dublin within the commentary of this report.  Unfortunately this was a typo.  The Socialist Party are actually on 3% in Dublin, and 1% nationally)

To read more download the full report below:-

 Paddy Power – 12th Jan Political Poll 2012 – Vote Intention Report