We love talking to people about everything in their lives, from what it’s like going on a date to how kids find their favourite stuff online.

We want to get to the heart of consumer insight truths. To do this we use lots of different techniques, including:-

  • customer closeness sessions
  • life observations
  • online communities
  • friends and family get-togethers
  • dinner parties
  • expert witness interviews
  • idea panels
  • video diaries & blogs

The most important thing we do is “listen” to what they have to say, and also to what they don’t say!

We encourage people to open up, and get beyond what they think we want to hear, using a range of clever techniques to suit the occasion.

This might include keeping diaries, or forcing them to make a case for their behaviour or beliefs through altered state groups, or asking them to identify how they feel through pictures.

Whatever it takes we use any technique that means we are able to really understand consumer motivations and behaviour that underpin our clients’ area of concern.