SBP Tracking Poll – Apr 2011

The first RED C/Sunday Business Post opinion poll since the election, makes good reading for the governing parties.  Fine Gael increases its support by 3%, leaving the party securing 39% first preference.  Labour retains most of its support leaving the party taking 18% share.

In general the parties are all within margin of error of where they stood at the election, and as such it appears the only real movement has been the small positive boost for the leading government party.  This post election bounce is often seen for the biggest parties, as people like to be seen to have supported the party that won.

It does mean that the recent bank bailout and restructuring, after stress tests, doesn’t appear to have had a significantly negative impact on the government parties. this is re-inforced by the fact that 43% feel that Enda Kenny has represented Ireland well abroad.

At the same time there are early signs that Labour supporters are not quite as happy as their partners supporters.  While two thirds (65%) of Fine Gael voters feel Enda Kenny has represented Ireland well abroad, only 40% of Labour voters are inclined to agree with this.

Similarly, over half of all Fine Gael voters (56%) are impressed by the performance of the government so far, while just 36% of Labour voters concur with this.

Labour voters are also far more likely to be angry that the government is not “burning the bondholders” 54%, vs only a third of Fine Gale voters (36%) .

This poll then shows general goodwill toward the government so far, but perhaps also some early signs of friction ahead, should Labour worry about its support base not agreeing with the actions of the government in total.

Download the full report below:-

SBP 10th Apr Poll 2011 Report