RED Line

RED LINE is RED’Cs online omnibus service.


Download the RED Line brochure here: RED Line Brochure 2019


Through our online panels the RED Line services allow you to reach your target market in a cost effective and timely manner.  The RED Line services provide you with options to reach a representative sample of the adult population across Ireland and the United Kingdom.


Representative samples are reached for each survey using our own and partner online research panels in the United Kingdom to provide a robust representative sample of the adult population in each country.  Quotas are set across gender, age, region and class to ensure the final sample is as representative as possible of the target market.


The RED Line online omnibus services are based on the following sample sizes:-

Ireland                             1000 adults aged 18+
United Kingdom             2000 adults aged 18+


The RED Line online omnibus includes a number of demographic questions as standard including age, gender, social class, working status, tenure, marital status, urban/rural and the number of dependent children at no additional cost.


The RED Line omnibus runs at least twice per month over the first and middle weekends of each month, with questions finalised on the Wednesday and results available a week later.  It is also possible to run the service for you outside of these dates if demand is high enough.